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Oh, so busy!


Last Wednesday I went to see my gastroenterologist. No big, just... reporting on things. All fine, no relapses, like grease through a goose and all that. He was called away at the last minute so I saw his nurse practitioner. She wrote me another script for ativan (yay!) and asked if I'd ever been on prednisone.

Uck. Prednisone. I said "yeah, but I fight with any doctor who prescribes it because I don't feel it really helps me. In fact, it makes me angry because I gain weight when I take it. And anger leads to stress (or is it the other way around) and that just leads to a relapse in my damn condition.

Then she asked if I'd ever had a bone density scan. "No, I'd always kind of assumed that since I have a large bone structure that osteoporosis would be one of the last things I'd have to worry about. Au contraire! So she had one of the scheduling nurses set me up with a Dexa Scan here in town. That's what I did this morning.

Then I went shopping at Big!Lots. Among the other trashy!treasures I found I got some Miracle Grow potting soil. 4 cu ft. It was enough to fill 4 large planters, three of which now have heirloom tomatoes. The fourth has boxwood basil, marjoram (for making sausage), and chives.

I used some potting soil I had around the house to renew the geranium pots. Then I put all the "yet to go into the ground" plants up with the big pots so I could water everything at once.

Right now my hollyhock is blooming, and I've got two more pineapple tops that I'm going to try to start as plants. I just need to find all the stuff to do it. If I"m feeling really ambitious later I might start the air layering on my rubber plant. It was in a spot that was a little bit too chilly and started dropping leaves two winters ago. Now it's all leggy and stupid looking. I did manage to get a nice cutting off of it last year through air layering, so I know it can be done. Just gotta get the rooting hormone (I wonder where I put that stuff) and the plastic. I did something that I thought was really smart when I was propagating that sucker last year; I tied the plastic wrap around the sphagnum moss using velcro ties. That way I could check on it easily. I was really pleased with how well it worked. I gave it to my new neighbor as a housewarming gift.

Anyway, now my back is kicking my ass (lovely imagery, ainnit?) and all I want to do is scream for a while. I'll have to settle for some Tylenol and Lortab.

Do I know how to have fun or what?

Edit: I replaced my mouse with an old PS2 one I had around here. Within three days one of the weasels found it and nommed the scroll wheel. I have two more bagged up on my desk. Wish me luck with 'em.
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