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I guess it was okay...

Thursday morning John took me to the hospital. We found our way to the right waiting room and after a little while they called my name. I got to completely undress and put on one of those lovely hospital gowns. Then I got to wait as I was outfited with an IV, tagged, questioned, tagged again for my drug allergy, and told to wait. Then John got to come back. We just muttered back and forth a little bit, then I saw my doctor in the hall. He came in, I introduced the two, and the doc and I made small talk about the procedure... you know, "Do you have any more questions?" "Have you decided if you want to go with a rechargeable battery or a regular one?" Stuff like that. We kicked the idea back and forth and with John's input I decided to go with a rechargeable one. The potential for a longer battery life is pretty good. I'd be looking at replacing a regular one after 3 - 5 years. A rechargeable one could last as long as 9 years. Hey, it's fewer pockets cut into my ass tissue, all right?

Todd came by with Tommy (both reps from Medtronic) and we chatted a little. One of them went to get the "package" that goes with the rechargeable unit. I swear, it's almost like a mini laptop case. My ass is rechargeable, has accessories, and also has an expiration date (probably). Then they wheeled me out to the surgical suite.

My colitis has been behaving in a less than welcome manner for the past two weeks, and I made a suggestion to one of the surgical nurses that I be covered as much as possible for the procedure because of it. The anaesthesiologist told me "Don't worry, you'll have your own heat source; 42 degrees will be blowing on you the whole time.

The absolute last thing I remember is trying to tell them to make sure that was 42 degrees Celcius. I suspect the anaesthesiologist of some kind of freaky misdirection, because it was like my light suddenly got turned OFF.

The procedure is supposed to last about 45 minutes. I suspect it was longer than that. When I came to John was in the room and I was absolutely parched. A nurse asked me if I'd like Sprite or water and I said "Ginger ale?" Alas, no. I had Sprite. And water. Well, ice chips. And an ice pack. I wasn't really in much pain there because i was still groggy. We didn't get home until 3-ish, because John's car decided to have a dead battery. When we did get home I stretched out on the futon with my remote control and my ice pack. I'm still icing it. It's not really painful - not in the way my leg usually is, it's more a nagging ache in my spine. It'll scar in and be all better, though. Did I mention the pain meds are awesome? It's something called "Norco" and it's like Vicodin with more Vic and less din. Yeah, I like it a lot.

I've pretty much been a slug since coming home, but between avoiding anything that even remotely resembles heavy lifting and trying to get my colitis under control, well, life's been interesting.

So far, though? I absolutely love it. I wish I had known about this thing years ago before I had to use a spirometer to prevent anesthetic-induced pneumonia and wear support hose to prevent getting clots in my legs.

Yep. I've said it before - getting old ain't for sissies.
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