Don't Make Me Pull This Thing Over!

This Vehicle Makes Frequent Stops!

A lot of what I've seen here is just plain scary, but in a WTF way.

I went to Indiana University in Bloomington, but never graduated. My on-campus jobs included proofreading for both the Journal for Anthropological Linguistics and the American Indian Studies Research Institute. I've also worked as a typographer, a keyliner (layout of documents to be printed), an offset press operator, and too many other jobs within the printing industry. I've been a Humane Officer (read as Dog Catcher) for a large humane society in Indiana, and some of the stuff I saw and did while there haunts me to to this day. Most recently, I've been a Sewing Consultant (read as Sewing Machine Salesperson) and have worked at a public television station during their annual auction fund-raiser as the warehouse manager and as a telephone solicitor. I've written scripts for items to be auctioned, and generally made myself sick with all the stress that cramming a year's worth of fund-raising into an 8-day event causes.

I am fiercely loyal to those who are loyal to me, and not a backstabber. My reluctance to talk trash about those I consider friends has made me persona non grata in some circles. Tough. I cannot imagine spending time with people who think that's acceptable.

And if you're going to bother looking here, you might as well say "hi".

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